Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My Beautiful Friend Wendy (Poem I wrote for her Birthday)

My Beautiful Friend Wendy by Bill Wyllie My Beautiful Friend Wendy is my Delight.. She is so very out of sight. When she walks in the room,heads do turn. She'll teach you things to live and learn. She fills me with love and such joy. Being by her side,I'm a Happy Boy. We celebrate her birthday On This Day. I want to be no other place,I have to say. I have deep love my beautiful friend. With You By my side, My happiness won't end. You came into my life when I needed you the most. I raise My glass and to you I toast. 50 Years old it's hard to believe. You look more like 30. I Never want to leave. To Be by her side on this very special Day. My Love for you is strong, Please Don't Ever Go Away. I write this special Poem,My words flow with ease. With You By My Side I just aim to Please. I Show You The Love That I Feel In My Heart. Please Be by My Side and don't ever Part. My Beautiful Friend,Wendy, My Poems Will Go On. You Are Like A Sunrise of a Beautiful Dawn. A Nice Long Hug and a Kiss on the Cheek. Would Be My Delight. It Would make Me Go Weak. But Doing This to me you probably would not do. I Hope For The Best. Wendy,I Love You.

Photo's from My Friend Wendy's 50th Birthday Party

-- Last Photo someone drew this on her photo.This was a Great Party I had so much Fun. Singing Karaoke BEATLES songs. I was the first to arrive and last to Leave.