Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Total Luna Elclipse (GIF of the Elclipse)

Full Moon Thru the Pine Trees (Sept.28,2015)

-This was the same night as the Eclipse the same Night-morning.

Venus In the Morning Sky (Sept.28,2015)

Total Luna Elcipse (Sept. 27,2015) - Part 2

--I didn't watch the second half, I was already out there for two hours, I didn't want to stay for another two hours.

Total Luna Elipse (sept. 27,2015) - Part 1

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Leaf On The Roadway (Sept.27,2015)

--While walkking back from shopping, I saw this leaf on the road, I snapped two photo's. It was a little lackluster, So I made it brighter and more colorful.

Light Reflections on the Window (Looks like two UFO's) Interesting

One of the Many Flowers I put indoors for the winter. (Sept.26,2015)

--I saved several of these flowers.

Sunset (Sept.26,2015)